Appealing a Denial

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) is a big job in and of itself, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. What the Social Security Administration doesn’t tell you in the application instructions is that the initial filing is often only the first step in a long process, and that the path to reaching an approval may involve several rounds of appeals.

How to Appeal

There are four stages of appeal in the SSD application process, each of which is designed to review the previous denial and uncover anything that may have been missed. The Social Security Administration makes appeal information available to those who’ve been denied, but the language can be confusing and often discourages many disabled applicants from appealing.

Without an SSD firm behind you who knows your case well, it can be difficult to navigate the appeals process and identify what went wrong with your application review.

Your Best Chance of Appeal

There is a true science to appealing a SSD denial. Not only do you have to abide by the Social Security Administration’s stringent protocol when asking for a case review, you also have to put forth considerable effort to make sure you avoid the common pitfalls that encourage denials of appeals.

Understanding why claims are denied can help you improve your initial application and prepare for the appeals process in the event that your request for benefits is not approved.

An SSD attorney can serve as your personal guide to the appeals process, divulging valuable tips and information you can use along the way to maximize your odds of approval. Remember that attorneys spend many years learning how to spot signs of errors and how to apply the current laws for the benefit of their clients. Your attorney also has the ability to look at your case comprehensively, to identify the holes and contribute valuable advice that could help you win.

For personal guidance on your next appeal and more information on what to expect when appealing, talk to a skilled SSD lawyer about your situation. Feel free to search our SSD attorney directory to find an experienced professional near you.