What to Expect When Appealing

You’ve submitted your application for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, and you think there’s no way they can deny benefits you’ve earned and now deserve. But the unfortunate fact is that thousands of applicants who’ve paid into Social Security all their lives and are now severely disabled get denied each year. Even if you believe your case is solid and straightforward, it is wise to spend some time researching the appeals process to get an idea of what to expect if you do have to appeal.

Challenges of Appealing

If you thought the SSD application process was difficult, wait until you are put in a position to appeal. Appealing an SSD denial is no easy task. Every aspect of your life and health will be scrutinized and require extensive documentation. You will be expected to follow the appeal protocol carefully or risk another denial.

Whether you are appealing for the first time in the Reconsideration stage or exhausting your final chance for appeal at the Federal District Court level, hiring an SSD lawyer to assist you with appealing can make all the difference in your final judgment.

Tips on Appealing

Your attorney will be able to provide valuable details you can use during the appeals process and address all of your questions about SSD.

For instance, it is commonly recognized that very few decisions are reversed in the first appeal stage of Reconsideration, and that most cases are overturned at the Appeals Council stage in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Since it can take as long as one year to get a decision from the judge, you’ll want to try hard to win benefits at the Reconsideration stage.

Preparing to Appeal

Venturing into the unknown process of appealing an SSD benefits denial can be intimidating and challenging. Hiring a lawyer who has worked with the Social Security Administration for years will give you a head start and may improve your chances of success. Your attorney can also make sure you stay focused and meet important deadlines.

If you are ready to talk to a legal professional about your disability and right to benefits, please contact an SSD appeals attorney today. Most SSD lawyers ask for nothing upfront, so you don’t have to worry about paying for legal services until you win benefits.