Worked Regularly Prior to Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) benefits are available to some American workers who cannot earn a living due to a disability. However, if you are submitting an application in hopes of receiving SSD income, you are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with the work history requirements necessary for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to approve your request.

Researching the work qualifications can help you better prepare your application and provide the extensive documentation needed before the Social Security Administration can approve you for SSD benefits.

SSD’s Work History Requirements

In order to successfully apply for and receive SSD benefits, applicants must show that they worked for a specific amount of time prior to becoming disabled. This caveat is in place to protect the Social Security Administration by ensuring that the individuals who are eventually granted regular cash benefits have paid into Social Security long enough to have earned regular payouts.

With sufficient, detailed paperwork, you can demonstrate that you have zero or limited work due to disability. This involves medical documentation of your disability, including specific information regarding your physical and/or mental restrictions.

SSD Work Limitations Testing

The SSA requires applicants to pass two types of tests before they are approved for SSD benefits. The “duration of work” test analyzes the work history mentioned above to make sure the applicant has enough “work credits” in order to qualify.

The second test is the “recent work test,” which states that applicants must have earned 20 out of 40 quarters within a ten-year period (or worked a total of 5 years). Both tests are based on an accrual system, ensuring Americans who have earned the right to benefits by paying Social Security taxes are given priority.

An experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help you understand these tests and assist you in gathering the proper information to submit with your SSD application. If you would like to discuss your disability and get legal assistance with filing for benefits or appealing a denial, please contact an SSD lawyer in your area.