The Social Security Administration includes certain debilitating diseases on its master list of impairments that ay qualify individuals to receive Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. The disease must be severe enough to cause certain pervasive mental and/or physical effects that limit the patient’s ability to perform work-related functions.

Qualifying Diseases

The following diseases are included on the list SSA’s list of impairments. If you have been diagnosed with one of these conditions, and the disease is expected to last 12 months or longer, you may be able to receive monthly benefit checks.

Proving Your Disabling Disease

Remember that simply being diagnosed with a disability is not enough to qualify you for SSD or SSI. You must provide solid evidence that you are in fact affected by a disease, and demonstrate how the disease prevents you from performing tasks necessary to sustain gainful employment. If you are applying for SSD, you also need to have a lengthy work history of paying Social Security taxes. SSI applicants will have to meet financial need requirements instead of work history requirements.

The process of applying for SSD benefits involves providing substantial documentation of your disease. You will need to make sure that the proper diagnostic testing has been completed, and provide proof that physicians have confirmed your health status as being permanently, totally disabled.

How an Attorney Can Help

A lawyer who has worked within the SSA can be key in guiding you through the process of proving your disease exists. With professional legal assistance, you don’t have to wonder if your application is in the best shape to win an approval. Your attorney will make sure you have all of the documentation necessary to show your disease qualifies you for disability benefits. Your legal team can also keep you on the right track to avoid missing deadlines, and guide you through the appeals process in case your claim is rejected.

Get started with your disability claim right away to avoid wasting valuable time. Find an SSD lawyer in your city who can help you apply.