Applying for SSD

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be very complicated.  While the complexity of the process protects the program from being misused, deserving citizens who desperately need the income often fall through the cracks and get wrongfully denied.

Qualifying for SSD Benefits

In order to receive SSD benefits, you must meet several strong criteria set by the Social Security Administration. Not only should your disability fall under very specific qualifying disabilities categories and be medically verifiable, you must show that you have paid into the Social Security program with an extensive work history of contributing payroll taxes.

Because the program is so competitive and designed to encourage initial denial, it is important for new applicants to seek legal help before applying in order to improve their chances of approval. While you are allowed to apply on your own, retaining an SSD lawyer can be extremely beneficial.

How an SSD Lawyer Can Help

Should you apply in person, online, or by phone? What kinds of information works against you? How can you improve your chances of being approved for SSD benefits?

An experienced SSD attorney knows the ins and outs of the system and is especially familiar  with the standards the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses when reviewing applications. Your SSD lawyer can help you answer these questions, show you how to apply for SSD benefits, and provide valuable information you can use through every step of the SSD application process. In the event that your request for SSD benefits is rejected, your attorney can help you create a strategy for the SSD appeals process.

Additional Considerations for SSD Application

Did you know that a representative from the SSA will need to perform an in-depth interview as your application is being evaluated? Your interviewer will need clear and definitive answers about your disability, including details about your work and medical history, physical or mental limitations, financial information, and lifestyle. Your application will also be reviewed by one or more SSA caseworkers during a process that may take six months or longer.

Ready to move forward with your Social Security Disability application or appeal? Please visit our SSD lawyer directory page to locate a skilled legal advocate in your area.