Why Claims are Denied

The Social Security Administration recently released the statistic that 34% of all disabled persons who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) benefits eventually win benefits. This number is alarmingly small, especially considering the fact that it includes applicants who appeal multiple times using the various stages of appeal. What the number also fails to reflect is the time it can take to finally achieve approval — for some, the process can take two years or longer.

Why do SSD claims get denied?

There are many various reasons why an application or appeal might receive a denial. While a good percentage of applications or appeals are denied due to valid noncompliance, the administrative process creates an environment that encourages quick or hurried review. Whether your application is being evaluated by an Appeals Council or an Administrative Law Judge, inadequate assessment is often to blame for denials.

Reasons for denial include:

  • Missing information
  • Lack of proper medical documentation
  • Inadequate work history
  • Biases due to repeat appearances in denial channels
  • Confusion due to multiple impairments
  • Insufficient proof of impairment
  • Uncategorized impairments not represented on the SSA’s list of impairments
  • Income earned after date of disability
  • Overwhelming number of applications
  • Failure to meet deadlines (60 days after date of disability for initial application, and 60 days after notice of denial for appeals)
  • Technical errors on the part of administration or judges

Improve Your Odds With an Attorney

Hiring an attorney to manage your application or appeal a denial can save you time and minimize the chances of an error or oversight. Your lawyer can also work to maximize your SSD benefits so your family is approved for the amount needed. No matter where you are at with the process of applying for SSD, bringing in a legal advocate can be a very smart move.

If you are ready to speak with an experienced SSD lawyer, please visit our legal directory. We have performed an extensive search to include a diverse range of professionals who are available in your area to help you get the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.